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Coronavirus (COVID-19):
Walking your dog(s) safely
Advice for dog owners walking their dogs during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Dogs need exercise like the rest of us and some need a little more than others, larger breeds like German Shepherds still need their off lead fun to burn that energy and boredom and provide them with their daily mental stimulant.

Under the current lockdown rules you can take your dog for a walk under the rule description of daily exercise, this means your daily exercise is also part of your dogs daily exercise time. Dogs do not have their own exercise time but I'm sure you already know this.

Your walk can either start from and finish at your home address or you may wish to take your dog(s) in your car to a local area to walk them.

Remember walking them is your exercise so sitting on a bench have a chat may get your a fine.

Local area means within a few minutes from your home, and 50 mile trip to the countryside may also get you a fine.

You should minimise the time you spend away from you home.
Current rules on dog walking during lockdown
Advice for those walking dogs on behalf of someone not able to

You may also leave your house to provide care or help a vulnerable person. This includes walking a dog for someone who is unable to leave their house because they are self isolating or being shielded. You should remember to wash your hands before and after handling the dog and keep 2 metres away from other people and their dogs, including when handing over the dog to the owner.
Dog Walking for vulnerable people
Please follow the latest Government advice and stay at home, and dog owners should follow our walking advice above.

Following good hygiene practices, such as washing your hands frequently, especially before and after leaving the house for essentials, and handling or feeding pets, also helps to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.
Prevent the spread of the virus?
The virus is most commonly passed from person to person through coughing and sneezing. There is evidence that the virus can live on surfaces for some time, depending on the type of material, temperature and other factors. This could include your petís fur, so if you are showing any symptoms itís important to minimise contact with your pet as much as possible.

You should also maintain good hygiene practices, such as regularly washing your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water, especially after handling or feeding your pet. Itís always sensible to avoid letting your pet lick your face.

There is no need to give up or quarantine pets and we would urge owners not to panic. Pets can be a great source of comfort, and a daily dog walk (following the guidelines above) will be a good thing for everyoneís physical and mental health.
Can pets spread Coronavirus?